What is Āyurveda

Āyurveda, an ancient tradition of health & wellness which takes into account the prakṛti (original constitution), vikṛti (current state), diet, lifestyle & seasons to generate courses of action to help the person feel well.  

Āyurvedic Consultations

Pulse diagnosis technique in an Ayruvedic Consultation

Pulse diagnosis technique in an Ayruvedic Consultation

In an Āyurvedic consultation, the individual’s current state is assessed with Ayurvedic techniques including:

  • Health, diet & lifestyle questions.

  • Tongue & pulse diagnosis.

Then, you will receive:

  • Diet & food plan.

  • Lifestyle recommendations.

  • Herbal remedies & recommendations. (NOTE: Any recommended herbs are an additional cost.)

Step 1:  Contact Sukha Wellness to book a free 15 minute consultation prior to your Initial Consultation.

Step 2:  Sukha Wellness will schedule your ENLIVEN -  Initial Consultation (90-120 minutes).


Initial Consultation (90 - 120 minutes) - $195.00
The Initial Consultation includes an intake of your diet, daily habits, health history, pulse diagnosis and tongue analysis. The consultation is followed by ACTIVATE - Report of Findings.


Report of Findings (60 minutes) - $100.00
After your Initial Consult, we will meet for a Report of Findings which will include your a Ayurvedic plan of action including dietary and nutritional recommendations and possibly an herbal formula.


Initial Consult + Report of Findings - $270.00 
The Vitality Package includes an Initial Consultation (90-120 minutes) plus a Report of Findings (60 minutes). Value: $295.00.


Follow-up  (60 minutes) - $100.00
Follow up consultations are scheduled 2 - 4 weeks from the Report to assist on the path of well-being. We discuss your progress, modify any herbal formulas and provide nutritional support.


Package of 3 Follow-ups - $270.00
Follow-up consultations (60 minutes) are scheduled 2 - 4 weeks from the Report to assist on the path of well-being over a 3 - 6 month period based on the imbalance. Value $300.00.


REPLENISH (60 minutes) - $100.00
REJUVENATE (90 minutes) - $140.00
Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga) is a warm oil body treatment which works on balancing the entire body, the channels (Vayus), the tissues (Dhatus) and vital pressure points (Marma) with long and blissful strokes to rejuvenate the body. Abhyanga massage can treat and correct imbalances in the system.  A therapeutic blend of warmed oils is specifically tailored to soothe your body's constitution. The massage and organic oils nourish, replenish and balance the entire body.

Sukha Wellness offers spots to people needing financial assistance. Contact us for details.